Best Places To Visit In Germany

One of the best places to visit in the world is Germany. A country loaded with culture, trends, and history, you will everything that you want in the world of the Germans. That is why it is one of the most travelled to countries in Europe – and even across the world. Every year, millions of people visit to see the sites and experience a massive cultural change.

But in a country as large as Germany, where are the best places to go? Which cities are more highly ranked than others? Thanks to the experts of Trade Fair Tours – and their German trade fairs and International trade fairs and exhibitions 2018 – we have the four best cities to visit in Germany.

The Capital of Berlin

One of the most popular cities in Germany is the capital of Berlin. A metropolitan delight, perfectly blended with a mix of history, modern-day cultures, the latest trends and a blubbing nightlife, you will find everything in the city of Berlin. If you are in Germany, don’t miss the chance to visit the capital.

The Bavarian Giant of Munich

For a truly German experience, Munich is the city for you. Famous for Oktoberfest, large beers and those popular German clothes, this city is a hub of culture. Part of the Bavarian part of Germany, Munich is very different from the rest of the country. But that is what makes it so popular and must place to visit. It is also home to Bayern Munich, one of the biggest European football clubs. Try to book a ticket and visit them – their fans are amazing!

Far-East Dresden

For something a little different to the rest of Germany, head east to the city of Dresden. Once part of East-Germany and under Soviet rule, it was a city that has a very different cultural and architectural design to the rest of Germany. You will find yourself in a place that is a little different, but after a few weeks in Germany, that could be something to kick you back into gear.

Super City Frankfurt

If you have fancy a super-city, with more skyscrapers than cultural buildings, then Frankfurt is for you. There is no questioning that this place is buzzing with life all the time. It is one of the biggest hubs for business and is a very metropolitan experience. You also have direct access to one of the biggest airports in Germany to fly in and fly out as you please.